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Christmas is Coming

Hey all!! I stole this idea from crazyvictoria who asked her flist if they wanted anything for christmas! I would love to make you guys wallpapers, icons, fanmixes, videos etc. If you want something for christmas -- comment below!! 

1. Watchmen Graphic novel <3 (so I can give Kurtis back the one he loned me)
2. CDS:
a) Acid Tongue, Jenny Lewis b) Is it OK - Serena Ryder c) Perfect symetry - Keane d) Cosmos Rocks - QUeen and Paul Rogers e)Anything by Royal Wood-- he's so adorable <3 
3.Gift Cards (IE These are my favorite stores)
a) URBAN OUTFITTERS <3 b) Forever 21 c) Smart Set d) Best Buy e) Tim Hortons f) Quiznos (they're both right by Home Outfitters so I HAVE to go there all the time! 
4) Things I actually always want 
a) cute hair things b) scarves ( I love scarves) c)Jewelry ( I am too cheap to buy jewelry, but I love it, anything with birds or leaves)
d) Pigment pots (I like mineral makeup, some guy jumped me in the mall and sold me four pots of shimery mineral makeup, so pretty!)
a) Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog (Brittany reminds me) Who wouldnt want this?
6. Camera accesories (a directional microphone <3, light filters, a small travel tripod, a battery recharger thing, A reflector kit 
OOH, I want some William Goldman Screenwriting books, he has two I think. <3

 For FLIST types, you know what I love. Watchmen and Wash. <3 



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