Kaitlyn (frodolyn) wrote,

Annual Christmas List

It's been awhile my pretties -- it seems as though after five years of being addicted to this site I may have finally kicked it. And all that I required was some steady lovin'! Whoda thunk it right? Daniel and I feel very bad about being away. (points at icon) Anyway, here is my annual christmas list that no one who actually buys me things reads. I do like to compare it to the haul after wards though. Feel free to comment with what YOU want for christmas! Let's compare!

What I really want:

.Body wash / moisturizer, preferably by Cake or Philosophy, I love philosophies scents -- candy cane, GINGERBREAD *guh* THe most important thing is that it smells good....

. A Wii. And A Wii fit. This I am expecting from my parents, and I am also expecting to buy the fit part of it on my own. *Shrugs* ITS SO MUCH FUN OK.

. As always, anything from Urban Outfitters =LOVE, that includes gift cards. *nods*

. Xbox 360 games, currently I only have Fallout 3, Fable 2, and Mass Effect. I really like role playing games, I've looked into Oblivion and I love Uncharted

. the car pack for the zune -- the one that lets you play music through the little cigarette lighter thing -- not just charge it. (BTW, despite what most people say, I LOVE my Zune, and have had no problems with it. It's a 120gb one so it stores just as much music as the Ipod classic but also has games, a bigger screen, and a better interface thingy I can actually work)

.A Serenity Sequel *sad panda*
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