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Oh sigh. So, since I've started work they've only given me two projects to work on and being done them I have nothing to do but sit here for 8 hours and then be paid. Anyone have any ideas on how to look busy at work?

Also, I have realized that I will never have money to do anything fun, like travel, again. Because I have to pay for school and then, eventually, find the money to move out. Oh how I want to have my own place sooo badly. I mean... I bought a toaster. But If I want to move out I have to sacrifice things like ... traveling. See name of post.

Does anyone know how to do a storyboard that doesn't involve purchasing ridiculous software or drawing each panel out with a pencil and a giant piece of paper? I mean... when they say storyboard... can I get away with a highly detailed shot list? o.0

brittania , who is a girl I just love and don't talk to nearly enough, has begun this daily happiness thing where you list three good things about your day. I don't want to list three things everyday because ... my life is boring. But today I must say  I am extremely happy:

>To have office keys and be able to leave and come back! yay bathroom privileges! 
>To have a tiny zebra plant on my desk that only needs to be watered once a month!
> and to finally know that leaving Home Outfitters was a really good decision. Since i left two weeks ago they have actually got rid of thier employee discount priviledges unless you use an HBC credit card, which is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I'm so glad to not have to deal with that shit anymore.

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