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The wonderful world of the film and television industry. How I fantasize about you. Currently I'm working in a very tiny corner of this industry which barely even makes a blip -- educational videos. I feel so new to this and oh so green! 

I recently finished my first set of scripts for the Emergency Preparedness project and waited two weeks for our new videographer to have time to review them. And what did he say? After, I believe, only loosely reading them he told me, "this would be much easier if you found a video you wanted to emulate online and sent me a link to it." Here I thought that my script would inform how the video looked and felt rather than what someone had already done before me.

After finding a video on youtube I thought I liked we did some screen-tests and built a camera tripod out of taped together DVD boxes before he finally decided that, now that school has started, there are too many people in the hallways to film the videos the way I wrote them and we now ill be transposing all the dialog into a new script which has the narrator in a studio instead of in the halls of the school. Less work, less trouble, and better sound/lighting quality.

*sigh* I wish someone had sat me down when I got here and told me how long it takes to get things rolling (I wrote the scripts at the beginning of August -- before school started -- and it's now the beginning of september) and what we have the capability to produce. (They told me we could do steadycam shots but this videographer guy says that the steadycam rig is too cumbersome to bother with) I can't wait until I've met with my DWL instructor -- I need some insight into the production of documentary film.
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