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Christmas Wishlist

Well, I haven't posted as much as I was hoping to, work is going great, I'm really enjoying it and I'm hoping they decide to keep me on after my practicum is completed. But that's not why I'm here, I'm here because it's time for the obligatory Christmas Wishlist post!
Clothes of course.
1. Love these dresses from Mod Cloth A B C D E F G 
2. I'm a medium, and I love everything from Modcloth BTW
3. Also Shop Rouche is a good bet. 
4. I love bows, ruffles and shiny things.
5. I also love these things from a different shop:  A B C D E F  
Gift Cards
1. the aforementioned Modcloth.com
2. Urban Outfitters
3. Best Buy!
1. the reason I'm hankering for a Best Buy GC is because I'm currently wanting to purchase a new Laptop. My old one is pretty much toast unfortunately. 
2. Dollhouse Season 2 
3. I have an old school hankering for Xena. Just saying.
4  District 9
5. Watchmen
6. Pandorum
1Product Image Gregory Alan Isakov
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