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i aim to misbehave
29th-Nov-2010 01:23 pm
mass effect, shepard
A little extra income from my first ever freelance job as a writer = pretty new Christmas dress from Modcloth.com! Add this to my new hair color (I tried to dye it red red but it came out looking like a warm auburn) plus the very cute (and sexy) accessories I purchased from ASOS.com on sale (with free shipping I may add!!!) including  amazingly hot tights that I saw on a girl on the bus the other day and LOVED, and these cute earrings + the high heeled oxfords I'm dying to purchase on my next paycheck = the very best Christmas outfit/present-to-myself I can dream of! I am SO excited.
29th-Nov-2010 10:20 pm (UTC)
Oooo, you dyed your hair? Awesome possum! Need pics! :D The dress is actually really nice and I find the earrings amusing :P I like how you literally described your entire outfit, Miss Writer ;)
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