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i aim to misbehave
A Blank Slate 
7th-Dec-2010 02:32 pm
mass effect, shepard
Hi everyone, I've come asking for a little design advice. At the moment I'm planning on moving out in September of 2011, a date that is thankfully starting to appear on the horizon. I've been dreaming about this for awhile and have already amassed a serious collection of furniture.

At the moment i'm agonizing about what color to paint to walls, and what color to paint the book cases, and dresser that my TV is going to sit on. I already have a loveseat and two chair, which I'm doing in a cream canvas, and a cream waffle fabric respectively. They're the same color, but i'm hoping that because the texture is so different it will still be interesting. My ottoman/coffee table is currently heading towards a brown tweed with a hint of pale blue. I was planning on doing the walls a light grey. Any advise or ideas?
Here's kinda what I'm working with:
blank slate



8th-Dec-2010 06:59 pm (UTC)
I think you definitely need some color. Don't get me wrong- cream is nice and clean looking, but you're kinda screwed if anything stains. You said your coffee table was heading towards brown/light blue, so I would stay with those colors. If you want your apartment to be interesting, paint them a pale brown in half and pale blue in the other half. Keep the amount of colors to a minimum. Any piece of furniture you paint, paint it a shade darker so it won't blend into the background of the walls. That's just my opinion though.

A good person to ask would be your mom given that she's an interior decorator hahaha. Hope this helps! :)
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