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2010 Recap

In case you missed it, here's what happened in 2010 and the life of Kait.
2010 was: 
The year  I turned 21, suddenly felt old, and completely failed at having a birthday party. When I turned 19 I failed to have a birthday party and swore I would never be that lazy again. 20th birthday was amazing. And then I got lazy again. I blame my friends for all moving away and leaving me no one to invite.

The year I left retail and got a real bonnified office job. It feels amazing to be doing what I love, writing, and making good money at it. I am so thankful for the family friend who landed me this position because my school mates and practicum instructor are say I'm really lucky. And I feel it.

The year that I realized the love I have for my boy can no longer be qualified as lust, they say it takes 18 months for the lust to wear off and the shiny love pearl to be fully polished. They say  this. As in probably Cosmo, but it still made me feel good when our 18 month mark flew by and I was still madly in love with him.

The year I decided I needed to move out post haste. LOL. it was probably something to do with having more money in the bank, or just wanting more independence and privacy, but I've been feeling the need to move out like a giant gushing wound.

The year i really missed my friends. Like, all of them. Carolyn moved away last year, then Amy in 2010 and I just felt like I had no friends of my own. All of my other friends now are more like acquaintances. I'm not very good at bonding or keeping in touch. I still feel this way, and I think a lot about those people I thought I would be friends with for forever. I hate knowing that my own shyness, or dislike of telephone conversations could have contributed to the terrible aching friend shaped hole. I'm lucky to have Nick, but sometimes I feel like I've used him as a friend buffer. ladies have got to have girlfriends too. So one of my resolutions for '11 is going to be friendliness. Now be my friends!

Was the year of my crazy design aspirations. In 2009 my head was taken up primarily with weddings. Wedding shows, wedding blogs, wedding photos. I couldn't get enough of it. Luckily for Nick this last year I was consumed by something else. Interior design. I can't stop thinking about what color my future walls will be and all that. At night, i lie in bed picturing my future entryway and then moving through my future house room by room. Remember how I wanna move out?

The year that I stopped watching television. Seriously, I haven't seen a current episode of a 2010 season. None. Except for Lost. But I was following behind still by a couple of weeks and watching online. This is what my boyfriend has done to me.

The year I got a sewing machine for Christmas. I am going to endeavor to do quite a bit of sewing in 2011. I want to make some of my own clothes, sew a slip cover for my couch and chairs (with my mums expert help) and make an apron. I've always wanted an apron, specifically something like the beautiful ones they sell at Anthro. I hate that wonderful store.  

The year that I discovered nail polish again. Seriously, I paint my nails twice a week now.

And the year that I fell in love with Julie Benz and Dexter made me cry until my tears hurt.

I can't really think of anything else at the moment... I'll come back here at some point and try to think of more specific things. I wouldn't want to forget anything... 
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