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Oh sigh. So, since I've started work they've only given me two projects to work on and being done them I have nothing to do but sit here for 8 hours and then be paid. Anyone have any ideas on how to look busy at work?

Also, I have realized that I will never have money to do anything fun, like travel, again. Because I have to pay for school and then, eventually, find the money to move out. Oh how I want to have my own place sooo badly. I mean... I bought a toaster. But If I want to move out I have to sacrifice things like ... traveling. See name of post.

Does anyone know how to do a storyboard that doesn't involve purchasing ridiculous software or drawing each panel out with a pencil and a giant piece of paper? I mean... when they say storyboard... can I get away with a highly detailed shot list? o.0

brittania , who is a girl I just love and don't talk to nearly enough, has begun this daily happiness thing where you list three good things about your day. I don't want to list three things everyday because ... my life is boring. But today I must say  I am extremely happy:

>To have office keys and be able to leave and come back! yay bathroom privileges! 
>To have a tiny zebra plant on my desk that only needs to be watered once a month!
> and to finally know that leaving Home Outfitters was a really good decision. Since i left two weeks ago they have actually got rid of thier employee discount priviledges unless you use an HBC credit card, which is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I'm so glad to not have to deal with that shit anymore.

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mmmm weekend...

Well the dinner party went well. I'm sure you've been waiting with bated breath to hear how my dinner part went right? All the food came out of the oven at the perfect time, and it all tasted delicious, even the cornbread which was a new and untried recipe. We managed to find Pimms cup, which is my new favorite girly drink, and I cut up barrels of fruit to put in it and the water. Anyway, we had a great time, those guys are super fun people. We played Pitt, which is a hilarious card game of awesome. Mostly awesome because I won for the first time ever. And then we played apples to apples. Also a great party game. The only problem we had was that it turns out Katy is alergic to cats. Luckily we had vacuumed the house just a couple of hours later. I did put Missy, my kitty, into another room when they got here, but I suspect the damage was already done as Katy was looking rather worse for wear after dinner. We solved this by playing cards outside for a half an hour or so, unfortunately the mosquito's chased us back into the house. I think after the fresh air she was feeling much better though. So I would still say the evening was a success.

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Dinner Parties are Stressful. This is my excuse.

So I don't have a plethora of friends. Let's be honest, I'm one of those people who becomes consumed by love and spends every waking moment with her boyfriend leaving her friends wondering, "what ever happened to her?" Both in the virtual community and the real one. SO you can imagine my excitement when Nick and I clicked with the drummer from his band and his wife Katy.

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Deb's smug face speaks for it all I think.

Well I've officially started my new and exiting job in the real world! It's my second day working at Nait and I'm very much enjoying it. I only feel very slightly out of my depth. It's crazy to think that the job I'm working on now is not for school but for an actual real client. To imagine that what I will write will actually get produced and filmed and edited and eventually appear on an actual real website where it will become mandatory for all staff members at the college to view. Whewf! Anyway, the most important thing is how I've decorated my cubical right? 
I brought in a little vintage mug I inherited from my Grandmother to hold my pens, a picture frame with a picture of Nick and I, some reference books, and these amazing pictures:

How very exciting right? I also inherited a slightly alien like lava lamp from the spaces previous occupant. It is very hypnotic and oozy.
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And in other news...

How's everyone’s summer going? Brittany, Carolyn, I'm talking to you! So far this has been a very busy, stressful summer. Of course, it's also been fun. Last weekend I finally had a family birthday party for myself -- a month late, but the thought was there. Every time I planned something, something would happen which would cause me to have to delay my plans. GRR. I tried having an actual birthday party for myself but four of the six or seven people I invited were going to different weddings! Four of them! It's hard to plan things during the summer! 

I also was privileged enough to attend a Serenity Now event last weekend! It was awesome of course! There was a silent auction and a costume contest and an evil laugh contest... I really do need to post the video I took of my man Nick in his Wash costume participating in the evil laugh contest. ROFL. So awesome. My baby is so multi-talented. ;p It was crazy seeing Serenity on the big screen again, it's been over a year since I watched it, and there's nothing quite like watching it with a bunch of fans who still laugh and cry on all the right cues.

I finished classes this summer, had to take a spring course, Art History, but it was great taking something other than an English course for the first time in three years, it inspired me to do some sketching and break out the acrylic paints again. Not that I've produced anything worth showing. *Sigh* I've got a lot of practicing to do me thinks. Anyway, no more classes ever again -- next year is my practicum!

Sadly, I can't really post anything on Facebook since I'm Facebook friends with my future employer and a bunch of friends from my current work -- but I went in for an interview at Nait a couple of weeks ago and they've decided to hire me! It's a new position created just for me in their creative media department, I'll be consulting with clients and writing documentary screenplays for things like educational and promotional videos. Yay screenplays! I new that documentary screenwriting class would pay off! My first project with them is going to be on emergency procedures in the school. FUN TIMES! lol, I'm excited. They don't currently have any screenwriters on board, so they're counting on me to help them turn out more professional and creative projects. I'm nervous, and extremely glad I have my instructor advisor, Scott, my teacher in documentary screenwriting. He's gonna be a big, big help. PLUS these guys are gonna pay me almost fifty percent more than HBC does! Yay! That's a lot more clothing I can purchase!  And a lot more travelling I can do next summer! Hear that Carolyn? We're gonna see the world! 

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Birthday Wish List

So I'm starting my wishlist since my birthday is officially only 2 weeks away! I'm not sure what I'll be doing as far as any kind of get together, last year for my twentieth we went to the Zoo! How do you top that? ;p Anyone have any fun day out ideas for five to ten people?
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So I've been obsessed recently with typography posters and I've taken to making my own. I haven't made icons for so long, it's been a great creative release for me. Phew. I'm planning on printing them off and putting them into a collage frame. I hope you like!
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Annual Christmas List

It's been awhile my pretties -- it seems as though after five years of being addicted to this site I may have finally kicked it. And all that I required was some steady lovin'! Whoda thunk it right? Daniel and I feel very bad about being away. (points at icon) Anyway, here is my annual christmas list that no one who actually buys me things reads. I do like to compare it to the haul after wards though. Feel free to comment with what YOU want for christmas! Let's compare!

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